Cameroon literature is rich. It includes publications compromised by the pressure of assimilation, reactive publications against colonialism, comedy, fantasy, often all subtle but engaged pokes at the political situations or the societal behaviours. Notable writers include Mongo Beti, Calixthe Beyala and Francis Bebey who is also a popular musician.

Cameroonian Art is directly connected to its life and culture and varies from one tribe to the other. It has been particularly cited for its masks and its rock art. The village of Bidzar, situated in the North of Cameroon, is an archaeological site. Its rock engravings featuring petroglyphs between 3000 and 300 years old are included in the World Heritage List for the authenticity and integrity. French researcher Buisson discovered these in 1933. His research was soon furthered by more colleagues along the decades.

Cameroon still has kingdoms as the two following examples showcase. The Bamoun Sultan reigns from his Foumban Royal Palace and the Deido King from his Douala quarters.