The Team

Anthony Mouyoungui

Journaliste depuis 1999, Anthony Mouyoungui a essentiellement évolué dans les radios et télés de Pointe-Noire. Mais ces dernières années, il se consacre plus à la presse écrite et Internet. Il a un blog et écrit pour plusieurs sites.


Azosala (UK) Ltd. was created in 2007 Mr. R. A. Motema Bala-Lata. Based in Machester in United Kingdom. Our vision is farming, food processing and distribution.

Chantal Epee

Chantal Epée is an author, passionate with the literature, arts and cultures of Africa and its diaspora which she promotes as president of Afrodiaspor’Arts.


Dorado is the nickname of an African woman who is widely travelled (from Brazil to China and the United Kingdom), including a lot within Africa itself. She brings recipes of the African Diaspora to your tastes, having learned to cook from her mum and aunty and yet having not used those culinary skills until her work as a senior executive in two of the most prominent firms in Cameroon. It is her knowledge and love of Africa that she shares with your palates.

Hilary Burrage

Hilary Burrage is a board director, consultant, writer, teacher and sociologist. She initially studied natural science and trained as a classical singer before finally turning to Sociology. Her subsequent major enduring professional interests as a practising social scientist have been in social policy, culture and the ecology of knowledge. At the time of writing the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor article, she was Executive Chair of the Foundation.

Linford Sweeney

Linford Sweeney is a Black Historian and Genealogist, author and founder of Inspired Histories (, which is dedicated to bringing the truth and richness of Africa’s past to life in the minds, hearts, actions and achievements of today’s knowledge-thirsty generation. At the time of writing, he lives and works in the United Kingdom.

Marien Fauney Ngombé

Marien Fauney Ngombé est titulaire d'un diplôme d'études comptables et financières. Directeur administratif et financier en France, il est parallèlement écrivain et a publié deux recueils de nouvelles : « Escales » (Editions Elikia, en 2011), « Le Bâtiment A » (TheBookEdition, en 2014). A ces ouvrages personnels s’ajoutent les publications collectives « Sous mes paupières. Extérieurs vie » (Chez l'Harmattan, en 2015) et « Franklin,l'insoumis » (Chez La Doxa, en 2016). Ce passionné de culture publie régulièrement des notes de lectures ou des chroniques sur différentes œuvres de l'esprit (film, exposition, album...) sur les réseaux sociaux.

Weyah Angis

Weyah Angis is a singer-songwriter of Cameroonian origin.