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The African Counter project LogoThe African Counter Project – The vision

AfroPhiles are people who love things and people of African origin. In true love, we look at the world with honesty and not flattery, speak with constructivity and not condescendence and work with the goal of deep enrichment and not superficial glory. Loving one is not about hating another. Understanding is about expanding one’s perspective and ever judging another from one’s own realities. The African Counter is about understanding that the world is one and that each part of it, each individual, each group has brought something invaluable that has contributed to its greatness. This is about putting together the sometimes too forgotten, too unexposed, too unsung African contribution.

The African Counter Project – What is it?

The African Counter Project is a project that gathers the contributions of Africa and the African Diaspora around the world and across time, catalogued by specialist Afrophiles*.

The African Counter Project – Who are we?

The African Counter Core Team and Working Group members are talented volunteer researchers, editors, digital artists, administrators and managers from all over the world who work together to present the depth and richness that Africa and the African diaspora offers to the world. The team comes from and is spread across the world, Europe, Africa, America and Asia and originate from different countries including Barbados, Cameroon, DRC Congo, Gabon, Egypt, Nigeria and Seychelles.

How do we do it?

With your help! See below about how you help enrich the African patrimony.

How can you contribute?

The audience’s support has been the single most encouraging and sustaining source for this project. You can support us in various ways:

1. Contribute your expertise to help enrich the knowledge about the REAL Africa

We don’t take donation or do in your-face-advertising per say. Our methods are similar but very subtle and minimal to preserve the integrity of the online resource.
To help, write a relevant and well-researched article on your expert subject related to Africa or members of the African Diaspora and what they contributed to various domains in the world including health, technology, life, music and more. You will find many examples on this very site. What happens to your article:

  • your article will be checked for accuracy
  • Your article will be edited and SEO-proofed
  • Your article will be published on this website
  • The details of you as an expert and / or of your organisation will be associated with the article as writers and published
  • Thus, your knowledge of Africa will be shared with the world and as will your details (name, organisation, description, website) will be added and linked into a well-ranked online site via your article.

It is vital that your article is at the very least 500 words. It must have researched, credible and well-known references, be factual (some philosophical reflections are welcome but these have to be well-founded and their logic explained) and pertain to Africa or the African diaspora. We have partnered with to allow you to submit to this opportunity, please click here to view details and submit your article.

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What happens to the money

The money received goes to:

  • Sustaining the hosting, domain name and security of this website
  • Continually maintaining the quality of this website content and the robustness of the website infrastructure
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  • Ensuring that advertising on the website is highly selective, subtle and minimal to maintain the website’s integrity