Cinema Ads and Trailers

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Do you have an ad or trailer that you would like streamed at the start of one of our streamed movies? Simply purchase our cinema ads and trailers service!  You will be on your way to letting your product known.

The submission requirements

  • Your film should be high-quality. We will NOT streamed anything but the best
  • Your film should be short. We accept 15 and 30 seconds, and 3  seconds to 3 minutes trailers (including but not limited to movie trailers, music videos and album release trailers, book release trailers)
  • Your film will be added at the beginning of the main movie streaming and should not be longer than 1 percent of the time of the main movie. This means that we will not be streaming a 2 and half minute trailer for a short movie of 5 minutes.
  • Your film cannot contain any illegal, inappropriate, offensive or pornographic content.
  • We may consider a music video under the above conditions. In addition, a music video will need to obey its own set of requirements. Contact us for more information.

The ad or trailer submission process

  • You submit the required details about your ad or trailer: film details, desired projection schedule, etc
  • You pay the ad or trailer streaming, creation or cleanup and enhancement costs (if relevant), marketing costs (if relevant), the administrative and processing fee (non refundable)
  • Depending on how complete your details are (there may be back and forth), you will receive a response between 5 working days and 30 days
  • If you want us to do your marketing (that does not prevent you from doing your own but makes sure we are synchronised if that is the case), we organise promotions and trailers and schedule the streaming of your ad and what movie it fits best with.
  • Your ad or trailer is streamed!