KassavAccording to Brenda Berrian, on Music and Culture in the French Caribbean, the Caribbean band Kassav’ not only and I quote ‘invented the music zouk’, “they said they wanted to invent a music that would capture not just the Caribbean, but the entire world. They wanted to reach out to the entire world, that to them was very important. They said, we’re from little islands and we’re not going to be narrowed into saying it’s a Guadeloupean band or a Martinican band. We’re going to cover both the islands and Africa, as well as the mainland, because that’s our history.

Iin 1981, Pierre-Édouard Décimus and Freddy Marshall, two French Caribbean musicians decide to reinvent their popular carnival music in the light of modern music technology. Jacob Desvarieux, studio guitarist joins as well as Décimus’ bassist brother Georges and other cabaret musicians including singer Jocelyn Béroard to give us Zouk and a legacy of music under the band name Kassav and that history will have trouble to forget.