beautiful-womanLosing our crowns to the instabilities of inheritance and memories is no good reason for losing our heads/hair. The present, for the mere fact that it quickly becomes past teaches us a lot about what is best to restore the shine and glory of our African crowns.

Hair care consists in keeping hair clean, nurished and protected, soft and manageable, in one word beautiful and as natural as knowledgeably, timely and sometimes financially possible. African hair is no exception to the rule.

This article gives 10 tips to beautiful African hair. The 10 tips go from the easiest to do and most obvious (albeit probably taken for granted, all being relative) to the least obvious and directly related to hair beauty. Here they are for your pleasure.

1. Eat (and drink) well
A healthy diet is essential to healthy hair. The article ‘Healthy hair: eating and drinking well’ details what foods/drinks make up a healthy diet for the kind of healthy hair that we all want.

2. Keep your hair and scalp clean and clear
Healthy hair is free from dirt, dandruff and other scalp and hair issues that clog them. The aricle ‘Healthy hair: keep hair clean and clear’ outlines the principles behind clean and clear hair and scalp.

3. Keep your hair and scalp appropriately nourished and protected not clogged

4. Keep your hair away from split ends

5. Keep your hair ‘breathing’ / untied as much as possible

6. Love your hair that little more

7. Watch any symptoms of hair disease and tackle it immediately

8. Use only products that are suitable for your hair type and worthy of it

9. Mix locally-based products with African-origin products to ascertain both your inheritance and your place of living because both affect the ‘life’ of your hair

10. Keep your goal in sight and Be your goal now
What you think of yourself and what is in your head about it affects the way your hair looks. So make yourself happy and be now what you are working to become. I know many girls who affirm themselves beautiful but most of them do not believe it. They say it to convince themselves more than others and to shut up the voice in their heads that says the opposite. They are intimidated by the fashionable requirements of beauty, for fashion has a bigger and more influential group. But fashion could never have the heart and care you should have for yourse4lf because fashion will never know you or be you and to fashion you’re just another individual who should be submitted to its rules. Yes, having beautiful hair starts in the hair sorry the head.