Fried plantains are also known as ripe plantain fries or misolè (Douala, Cameroon), Misoa (Bassa, Cameroon) and more names that will surely add.

plantain ripe raw long cut


Ripe Plantain Fries – Ingredients

Fresh ripe plantains, oil (palm, peanut or sunflower oil), salt (I personally don’t put any but you can, it makes the sweetness come out more and the diabetes too, sorry)

Ripe Plantain Fries – Preparation

Fried ripe plantains - misoa, misolèSimply peel and dice ripe plantains a reasonable thickness (the thicker, the longer they will need to stay in the oil and can burn outside while being raw inside :( ) and deep fry them in hot oil for 2mns.

If frying in less oil, like many do, put the oil in a large frying pan until it reaches 3 cm high and fry 2mns each side when the oil is hot. Dicing shapes vary and include vertical 50mm-thick vertically cut ones and ring slices. It is all up to you.