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Food is at the centre of African hospitality. An African plate is a palette of colours, aromas, tastes and textures inviting all senses to the heart of the continent no matter how little the means of the host. Traditional dishes vary from one region to another but typically includes leaves-based stews, sauces, soups and savoury cakes, accompanied by starchy foods (e.g. cassava, plantain, rice or yam) and meat, fish and shellfish. Beverages accompany these meals while fruits and appetisers are typically eaten between meals. Spices in particular chili, dried or smoked seafood and of course oil give that African touch to the meal.

Muanj’a moto à l’ancienne Traditional recipe

This is the recipe for Muanj’a moto à l’ancienne, a meal from Cameroon, here prepared for 4 people. Muanj'a moto is the Duala name for a small fish found there. Muanj'a moto are also known as small fritures and might also be known as titiri fish. Muanj’a moto à...

Granny’s Fish stew recipe

This is the recipe for Granny's Fish stew as prepared for 4 people. Granny's Fish - Ingredients 1 kg of fresh average fish : capitaines, bars… 1 handful of dry corn 10 grains of "njansan" 2 pèbès 1 branch of "kotimanjo" or of mint of romarin 1 onion, 1 garlic gousse 2...

Braised Fish à la Douala (Cameroon)

Braised Fish à la Douala (Cameroon)

Braised Fish à la Douala - Overview Not everyone braises fish in the same way but Ado reckons that there is the same basis. She says that braised fish is made in Douala (Cameroon) in all street corners and hers is simply the best because it is done 'à la façon des...

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