The Mbongo Tchòbi is a specialty of the Bassa people, who live around the city of Edea in Cameroon.The Mbongo sauce is very appreciated all around Cameroon and is very spicy and aromatic. Mbongo is traditionally done with fish, catfish specifically but can also be done with meat in particular game. This recipe is the catfish version.


1 sachet of grated homi

2 Bakim

1 Mbongo

3 Pèbè

2 homi nuts

2 ékol’a bwaba

4 big tomatoes



30 grains of njansan

1/2 wing of Essèssè – remove the skin

1 catfish (or a fish of your preference)

Prepare the spices

Burn each of the different spices directly on the fire or on a very hot dry frying pan.

Dry blend the spices

Put the dry blended spices in a blender with a little bit of water and blend it all together to form a paste.


Salt the fish and mix it with the whole seasoning/spice paste

Put the oil over the cooker

Fry some sliced oignons

Pour at once in the sauce pan all of the fish with all the spices and seasoning on it

Add some water according to your taste. If you like it drier then do not add anything or add very little water. I tend to add half a cup because I don’t like it dry.

Throw two leaves of jinja and one leave of koki / muntale in the saucepan and let simmer for about 10 minutes.

It is ready. Bon appétit!