This Cassava Ekoki recipe can also be done with potatoes.



2 big cassava or 5 big potatoes
10 small smoked fish
1 glass of dried shrimps
10 leaves of red macabos (bélèmbè) or a packet of béwolès or spinach in branch
½ litre of palm oil
1 big yellow chili and 2 or 3 big red chilis
½ litre of water


For 4 people
Preparation Time:
Cooking time: 1 hour

Clean the smoked fish: remove their heads and bones, mince and keep on the side

Cut the leaves, wash them and keep them on the side

Wash the shrimps and keep on the side
Crush the chili

Peel the tubers and grate them or cut them in cubes them blend them (in the latter case, add water only as much as the quantity indicated in the ingredients)

Pour in a big bowl or equivalent
In the mix therreby obtained, pour the fish, the shrimps and the chili
Put the oil in a frying pan over the fire and pour the leaves in when the oil is hot.

Stir and remove from the fire
Pour this mix in the tuber mix

Add salt, and stir delicately while adding some water,until the mix is homogeneous

Put on the fire in a big saucepan with two or three glasses, and isolate the bottom of the suacepan with some aluminium foil rolled up
In some ramequins that can close hermetically, make little bricks of this mix with two or three laddles per ramequin

Put the ramequins in the saucepan to cook them au bain-marie
Cook for about an hour adding water from time to time
Serve warm, on its own or accompanied with a fish or meat sauce; some people serve it with vegetables sautéed in tomato or with boiled tuber.