Cassava chips Ingredients

  • Fresh cassava roots
  • Oil for frying so preferably somthing like sunflower oil
  • Salt

Cassava chip utensils

  • deep frying pan
  • skimmer to remove the fried cassava chips
  • strainer with a couple of kitchen rolls covering it to put the cassava chips on immeiately after they are ready from frying
  • plate to put the strainer on so any excess oil don’t end up on your kitchen counter.


  • Fresh cassava roots are peeled and dried.
  • They are then sliced like fries and salted.
  • Oil is poured in a dry, deep frying pan -if you have a dedicated frying pan or a specialist one, that is even better- to the amount of no more than half of the pan.
  • When the oil is hot, it is ready for frying. Make sure evverything is dry that you use but also that they cut cassava is nit thrown in but gently put it into the hot oil pan. Make sure, no brusk movement is made around the pan and keep an eye on the pan  at ALL times.
  • The cut cassava can then be deep-fried until they are light gold and cooked inside.