Press Release:  Local Author & C.E.O. Laura C. Bulluck releases a new book, “All Grown Up”

All grown up: The Road Less Travelled by Laura BulluckPhoenix, Az., January 1, 2018:  An empowering conversationalist – local CEO, author and strategist, Laura C Bulluck, is set to debut her new book, “All Grown Up: The Road Less Traveled,” with a book release party on February 17, 2018. The 7-chapter book weaves together different personal experiences, stories, and hands-on activities by using awakening and alignment principles, that have allowed Laura to aid in re-shaping the lives of so many.

“Each chapter title is symbolic of a phase of life,” Bulluck said. “When you’re at a fork in the road, do you take the easy route? Or do you go the road less traveled? It’s about embracing the mindset of doing the right thing, integrity, self-discovery, and self-discipline.”

Bulluck has spent the last 15 years, pouring herself into her life’s purpose – inspiring people to be the greatest version of who they are designed to be. Known as a “Disrupter to the Status Quo,” she uses her innate knack for shaking-things-up, by challenging belief systems and traditions that can often cause people to get stuck into a limiting lifestyle.

By taking individuals and groups through a 7-step journey she’s coined as the “I Can Plan,” Laura has helped countless women experience an awakening and realize the power within themselves to not only discover the work they love but also create the consistency, discipline, and sequences necessary to making a living doing what they love.