The cinematographic arts have flourished in the African Diaspora where episodes of potential series are everyday’s feed. From shorts to full-length movies, and increasingly cartoons, African Counter gives you not only a count of the many movies out there, certainly entertaining but also created with depth and artistic flair, from the old generation to the newcomers, living either locally to the type of events they describe or, although away, having taken with them some of their feel.

A number of recognisable organisations have also established an enviable place in the industry such as Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry, or the Afrotainment chains of channels developed in North America as the first of its kind and still rising. They are thereby getting a space right on this website.


Chronique du film SILENCE d’ Amog Lemra

Chronique du film SILENCE d' Amog Lemra - par Anthony Mouyoungui : Le reflet de notre folie ? "Silence", le nouveau film de Glad Amog Lemra, projeté en avant-première le 14 juin 2016 à la Maison des Auteurs à Paris, est un véritable choc pour le spectateur et les mots...